We believe analog should be as easy to design as digital


Completely digital and synthesized PLLs

Movellus PLLs are versatile solutions for a variety of applications ranging from ultra-low power IoT to high speed multi-core processors. Built with our patented VirtualAnalog™ technology, Movellus PLLs are implemented completely using digital design & verification flows.

Movellus PLLs are architected to be robust against environmental and process variations while occupying the least amount of Si area. Our PLLs are the smallest PLLs on the market and are made with 10,000 gates independent of the process technology while meeting a wide range of specifications. Movellus PLLs have been verified in silicon in a variety of process nodes ranging from 130nm to 14nm FinFET.

Movellus PLLs can be delivered either as SoftPLL™ (Software + RTL) package or as a traditional hard macro. SoftPLL™ enables our customers to customize and re-verify PLLs within a matter of hours.

Our silicon verified PLLs are available in the following ranges:

Portable Across Technology Nodes

Same Supply as the Digital Circuits

Smallest PLLs on the market (10k gates only)

Integer-N & Fractional-N SSC Available

Ultra-low Voltage Operation Available

DFT & Scan Enabled